Six Reasons Travel is Important to Any Relationship

Listen up, folks! No matter what your relationship status is currently, you can learn a thing or two from this one.

Whether you’ve been married for 30 years, made things official last week or are single and ready to mingle, one way to tell if your relationship will stand the test of time is to travel with that special someone. Saving up, scheduling, planning and then actually going on a trip is a lot to handle. It can often be stressful. However, you learn a lot about your partner while working with them to plan a successful trip. After every trip together, your bond is stronger than before you left! As if you needed another reason to book a vacation ASAP, here’s a few ways in which travel plays a vital role in your relationship.

  1. Test Compatibility Levels

When planning a vacation, you first get your finances in order. You work with your partner to save up money and pay for the vacation in the first place. Then, you work together to schedule and plan the entire trip. And it doesn’t end there. Of course, while on vacation, stressful situations arise. You have to learn how to handle that stress, and not just your own; your partner’s as well. When traveling with another, you learn how to respond to your partner in any given situation, while learning how your partner responds in those same situations. Through your trip, you’ll learn how compatible you two are on a deeper level.

  1. Build Partnership Muscle

What is a partnership muscle? It’s the building of a partnership and bond between you and your partner. Like a muscle, you must work on building a strong bond and a deep connection with someone else. Traveling is definitely one of the most fun ways to do so! When traveling, especially internationally, you rely on your partner. You take care of them, building up that relationship muscle. When in a new country, you work and spend a lot of time together. You have to communicate with each other constantly. Through traveling, you and your partner build that “you vs. the world” mentality together. You make sure your plans come to fruition and things run smoothly throughout the vacation, strengthening your partnership muscle.

  1. Share New Experiences – Good and Bad

When traveling with someone else, you want everything to go well. But – let’s be real – it doesn’t always happen. When doing new things and exploring new places, you and your partner experience funny things, fascinating moments, dangerous things and even some disturbing situations. However, no matter what emotions you experience, you go through it together. Sharing both good and bad experiences during travels brings you two closer together, developing an even deeper understanding of one another.

  1. Gauge Compatibility in Extreme Situations, Recharge

If you want to gauge how well you get along with someone you recently started seeing,  travel with them. If things don’t go well in the extreme situations that arise while vacationing – well, it doesn’t bode so well for your relationship long-term. It could indicate that person isn’t the “one.” On the flip side, if you’ve been married for a long time, traveling is a great excuse to escape with your partner as a couple, recharging yourselves and your relationship. Traveling makes you fall in love all over again and rekindles that romance while visiting new places, experiencing new adventures and making lasting memories together.

  1. Develop Sense of Comfort and Accomplishment

You and your partner just worked together to book a trip, plan it, fly on a plane for a number of hours to get there and successfully vacationed together. Involved with vacation is a lot of prep, planning and working together to make it happen. And then you two actually made it happen and successfully survived the trip together. All so you can work together and plan more fun, memorable trips together in the future. All of this leg work brings a sense of comfort to you and your partner in your relationship. You gain a sense of accomplishment by working together and having a successful trip. With every vacation, you grow closer as a couple, accomplishing more and more together, becoming ever more comfortable in your relationship.

  1. Learn to Have Fun Together

When you first meet someone, you don’t automatically know how to have fun with that person. It takes some practice and learning to figure out what you both enjoy doing. You should love traveling with your partner and it should be an absolute blast every time. Even when your vacation turns into a total disaster, traveling with the right person makes the trip fun and worthwhile. Traveling with your partner teaches you how to have fun together and strengthens your bond. You create memories together, then share those memories with friends and family throughout your life. You look back fondly on these moments. In doing so, you build a relationship and strengthen it over time. Traveling gives you a lifetime of memories to share as you grow older together, passing these stories on for generations.

Make time to plan a vacation with your partner if you don’t already have one in the works. Then, watch the magic happen! If you’re starting a new relationship, traveling with your new beau is an extremely telling experience while getting to know your partner on a deeper level. If you’ve been married for a while, traveling is an amazing way to escape from your daily routine, recharge your relationship and grow even closer. No matter your relationship status, traveling is just plain good for you – mentally, emotionally and physically.

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