A Shift in the Work Force: Millennials Just Want to Travel

If you’ve been thinking about leaving your job to travel and work on the road, now just might be the time to do so.

Take one from the millennials on this. The current job market is on fire for those looking for a change of pace. Millennials don’t want to sit in an office cubicle all day, counting down the minutes until they can leave. They’re using technology and taking their work on the road to travel the world. After all, there’s nothing holding them back from doing so. That lucrative, high-paying job just isn’t worth it for young people anymore – they’re leaving these jobs in droves for a simple, nomadic life. They are redefining the traditional concept of employment and we think it’s about time for everyone to jump on this bandwagon.

Millennials comprise more than one third of the American workforce currently. The urge to leave stressful, high-paying jobs for a lower paying job that allows more freedom and control over how a millennial spends their time each day is symptomatic of the current job market. People of all ages are voluntarily leaving their jobs at the highest rate since 2000.

Why are they leaving?

The hiring market is strong. There are now more open jobs than there are unemployed workers, so for those who are thinking about quitting, now is a good time to do so. Millennials are taking advantage of the job market to its fullest, with the confidence they’ll be able to find another job easily. A 2018 Deloitte MilleNnial Survey found 43% of millennials plan to quit their jobs within two years. Only 28% of millennials plan to stay in their current role for more than five years.

Millennials are over being tied down to a specific place and working within a specific time period. Technology gives millennials the flexibility they want, allowing them to travel and take their work with them. This way, wherever there is wifi and a charging port, younger generations can work, make some money to finance their minimalist lives, travel and experience the world. Sounds like a pretty dreamy lifestyle to me.

How can they afford to travel so much?

You may be wondering: how the heck are millennials able to afford quitting their jobs and traveling for extended amounts of time? It’s simple: they plan out their adventures, often months in advance. They save up money ahead of time, often putting away thousands of dollars a month to have the freedom to travel in the future. By budgeting, they make their money last as long as possible. In order to finance more of their travels, they bring their work on the road with them. But what it really comes down to is where they are traveling. Adventuring throughout Southeast Asia for four months is cheaper than traveling around Europe for that same amount of time. There are plenty of different avenues to take, and millennials are getting creative when it comes to balancing work and travel to make a life they love for themselves.

Not only are millennials traveling more and sitting in offices less, they are using their travel experience in future jobs. They’re able to leverage the experience and knowledge they gain to switch careers or, in some cases, get a better job. Young people are more open to considering multiple career options over older generations. Millennials are also able to market their travel experiences to their subsequent employers, making the urge to travel that much more appealing.

What does this mean for the job market?

While millennials traveling and disrupting the job market is great on a personal development level, it might not be so great for the job market after all. Experts say the trend is actually creating a big problem. There are many job opportunities, but not enough qualified candidates willing to work. According to the Labor Department, the percentage of workers (of any age) quitting their jobs reached 2.4% in May, the highest level in more than 16 years.

However, the younger generations aren’t letting anything hold them back from traveling. They’re creating their own jobs and finding new ways to balance work and life, without feeling burnout constantly or sacrificing enormous amounts of time. Sometimes, that means leaving their high-paying jobs for more freedom to experience the world around them. With that being said, I think we should take one from the younger generation and hit the road. With TripValet, you’ll find incredible deals on thousands of destinations around the world. Plus, by becoming a member, you can also make money by sharing TripValet’s travel portal with friends! Your dream life is just a few clicks away. Find out what TripValet is all about, plus try it out for free for seven days by clicking here.

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