People in these States Travel More, Worry Less

It’s no secret: traveling a few times a year has a bunch of health benefits.

Yet, not everyone in the United States uses their vacation days and time off equally; it depends on the state you live in. In this year’s study on vacation days and travel by Project: Time Off – a coalition to prove the importance of taking time off and vacationing – more than 4,300 full-time Americans across the country were interviewed. The goal: find out which states take the most and lead paid time off, and how people in each state use that time.

Which States Take the Most Time Off?

Of all 50 states in the US, Colorado residents take the most vacation time off from work. The average American takes about 17 days off every year. However, Colorado residents take an average of 20.3 days off. Virginia and Arizona aren’t far behind though, with residents taking 19 days off on average in both states.

Jimmy’s daughter Courtney enjoying a hike in Colorado!

On the flip side, Montanans take the least amount of vacation, using only 16.3 days a year on average. Watch out Rhode Islanders and Delawareans: full-time employees in these states take only 15.5 days off. Yikes!

Don’t get the data twisted. This doesn’t mean people in Montana, Rhode Island and Delaware necessarily work harder (bummer!). Instead, the data suggests that taking a vacation is viewed in a more favorable light in Colorado, Arizona and Virginia than the rest of the country.

Which States Receive the Most Vacation Time?

Residents in each state don’t receive the same amount of vacation days, either. On average, Americans receive about 23 vacation days a year. However, residents in Colorado earn about 28 vacation days, while those in Virginia earn around 25. More than 50 percent of employees living in Virginia report working for companies that actively encourage taking vacation time from work.

Meanwhile, Montanans get an average of 21.8 days off each year, while Rhode Island and Delaware residents only get 21.6 days of paid time off yearly.

Which States Use the Most PTO to Travel?

In addition to taking and receiving the most time off from work, Virginians and Coloradans also travel the most during paid time off. The average American uses less than half of their vacation days to travel. However, employees in Virginia spend an average of 12.2 days, or 64 percent, of their vacation days traveling. Workers in both Colorado and New Jersey are close behind, each taking 11.7 and 11.1 days to travel, respectively.

Can you guess which state’s residents travel the least? If you guessed Montana…you’re wrong. The average full-time employee in South Dakota uses only 26 percent of their vacation days on travel, which is telling. Sixty-four percent of South Dakota residents also report feeling stressed at home, while 78 percent feel stressed at work. There’s never been a stronger case for getting out of the office and hopping onto a plane!

Why does Taking Time Off Matter?

Why is it important to take time off and go on vacation? Going on vacation at least once per year has amazing health benefits in both one’s personal and work lives. According to a previous report from Project: Time Off, Americans who use most of their paid time off to travel are happier than those who don’t travel. Those who travel often report greater happiness with their work as well, and are more likely to have been be promoted within the last two years.

Maximize your paid time off to its fullest extent and get out of town for a while. Basically, everyone around you, including you, will be much happier for it.

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