8 Things Millennials will Sacrifice to Travel

Say hello to today’s millennial: a young person who wants to travel the world so much, they’d give up pretty much everything else for the chance.


It’s no secret: young people love to travel, especially millennials. This generation’s love of travel is actually beginning to redefine the US workforce. Millennials are using the experiences and insights from their travels to land their dream jobs. And what’s not to love about travel? In addition to learning about different cultures and people around the world, it helps boost productivity in the workplace, is great for your relationship and makes you all-around happier.  

In fact, traveling the world is so important to millennials, they’ll basically give up all their other creature comforts for the chance. A new study from Contiki surveyed 1,500 American participants and the results were unexpected, to say the least. One finding from the study in particular is making headlines right now: 57% of participants claimed they would rather experience another culture than have sex. That just goes to show how dedicated millennials are to getting up, getting out and experiencing what this world has to offer (plus, they are making money just by sharing this deal-finder platform with others!).

There are several other things millennials are willing to give up to jetset around the globe as well. Scroll through to read eight more things millennials would sacrifice if it means travel.


It’s millennials who made brunch a regular weekend activity in the modern world. But when it comes down to brunch or travel, they’re ready to cut ties with mimosas and avocado toast. According to a recent survey by vacation rental service Homeaway, 93% of the 1,087 Americans surveyed between the ages of 18-34 said they’d skip weekend brunch for a plane ticket.


Shocked to see the gargantuan streaming provider on this list? Eighty percent of participants in Contiki’s study said they would abandon Netflix to hop on a plane to another location. What’s most surprising about this is that nearly 30% of all millennials prefer Netflix over traditional cable TV. Looks like millennials can take a break from binge-watching for a travel binge instead.

Cell Phones

According to Contiki’s study, 49% of millennials said they spend at least 8 hours a day on their phones. Social media binges most likely account for most of this time spent on cell phones every day. Considering how heavily used cell phones are, it’s amazing that 41% of participants said they could do without their phone if it meant they could travel instead.

Buy a House

Most millennials would rather spend their hard-earned cash on travel than paying off a mortgage, according to a study conducted last year by Airbnb. They questioned 1,000 people online between the ages of 18 and 35 in the U.S., U.K. and China. Millennials are after the authentic, personalized travel experience, as opposed to a curated trip or material possessions. Approximately 70% of people surveyed said they value a personal travel experience as it could help shape their lives. 75% surveyed said they’d also like to create their own itineraries than book a pre-arranged trip.

Drink Alcohol

Ditching alcohol for travel is a no-brainer to millennials. Although it might be one of their favorite brunching activities, Contiki found 73% of participants would give up alcohol to travel the world. Interestingly enough, 69% of participants said that a fear of missing out, or “FOMO,” pushed them to actually travel. Besides, what’s to stop you from indulging on your travels?


Have you ever tried giving up carbs for even a day? It’s hard….like really really hard, especially when traveling. However, 60% of participants said they’d give them up all together for travel – those are some very braves souls, if you ask me.


77% of millennials surveyed said they’d give up their morning cup of joe to travel. I guess a morning hike in the Peruvian mountains works just as well for a pick-me-up.

Pay Off Debt

No wonder millennials are quick to give up on paying off their debt to travel instead. According to Forbes, students have racked up nearly $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. The average Class of 2016 student has $37,172 in student loan debt. With numbers that large, it’s definitely tempting to give up paying it back and travel the world instead.

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