Travel in your 30s: 10 Reasons to Take a Year Off

Travel in your 30s is one of the most liberating and rewarding experiences in life. It’s very different from traveling in your 20s – your perspective changes, you’re not in the same position you were in 10 years ago and you’re ready for a big adventure, a change of pace. Taking a year off to travel the world isn’t just for high school or college students. After all, 30 is the new 20. It’s time for one big adventure before you begin considering settling down, buying a house and having children. You’ll thank yourself for the experience when looking back on your fondest memories later in life.

If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it. Drop everything and travel for 12 months. See the world. Have unforgettable experiences. Take time away from working – you have plenty of time for that. Use this moment in your life to truly enjoy yourself and relax. Isn’t that what life’s all about?

Taking a year off to explore the world is an amazing experience at any age. However, travel in your 30s offers unique experiences you may not get at other points in your journey called life.

It’s Easily Affordable

You don’t need to ask your parents to finance your travels. You’ve already had a job for years and you’ve been saving up money all that time. You don’t need to stress about running out of money on your travels, but have the luxury to pick up an odd job along the way if you so choose. You have the financial freedom to pay for your trip, stay in decent accomodations, treat yourself to nice meals and do everything you have on that bucket list of yours. All stress-free.

You Know What You Want

Picture yourself ten years ago. Are you the same person you were then with the same perspective on life? Of course not! You didn’t know what you wanted back then. But now, it’s a whole new ball game. You’re on top of things. You know how you like to travel, you know what type of places you enjoy best and the activities you find most fun. Your 12 months away will be more fulfilling because you now know yourself best.

You’re More Adventurous

When you’re 18, moving away from home seems like a crazy adventure. By the time you hit your 30s, your threshold for adventure is much, much higher. You’re more likely to take bigger risks in your 30s, go to more interesting places and challenge yourself with different experiences. It may not always work out, but it will be memorable and even life-changing.

You Make Better Decisions

It’s a fact of life: you generally make better decisions in your 30s. Your 20s is all about finding yourself, making dumb decisions and consequently learning from them. However, by your 30s, you’re in a much better position to navigate the world without getting yourself into too much trouble.

You’ll Spend Less on Booze

One of the bright sides of two-day hangovers is you’re less likely to drink a lot. Alcohol is a true money suck. In your 30s, you’re less likely to spend as much on alcohol than a 20 year old traveling abroad. You’re older and wiser, with different priorities (mainly, all the amazing food there is to have!).

With all that extra cash, you can treat yourself to an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant. You can get a private room at a hostel. Maybe you’ll take trains instead of buses. Whatever it is, you’ll have extra money to treat yourself in different ways. This adds up to a much different travel experience than your younger counterparts.

You’ll Meet Others Like You

Granted, you’re going to run into a lot of people younger than you when traveling – and that’s okay. You’ll also meet many people older than you, and some your age as well. You can hang out and have experiences with others who have also chosen to put life on hold for a bit to travel. Some of these people will change your life. All of these people will inspire you to continue traveling and experiencing all this world has to offer.

You’re Willing to Learn

When you’ve just left school, the last thing you want to do is learn anything more. However, when you travel in your 30s, it’s suddenly a great idea to take a local art class, or learn how to speak the native language. You’ll find yourself wanting to learn more about the local culture and really immerse yourself in it, which you don’t necessarily seek in your younger years.

It Won’t Hurt Your Career

You’ve been working hard for a good, long time now – we’re talking 10, 15 years. You won’t find an employer in the world who doesn’t understand the urge to travel. Plus, traveling makes you more productive and creative at work (read more about that here). Taking a year off to travel in your 30s might set your career progression back a teensy bit, but the reward is so incredibly worth it. Life isn’t a race; you’ll get to where you want to be in your career. Taking this time off is unlikely to hurt your career in the long term, anyway.

You could even use these experiences to bolster your resume and secure a job when you’re all traveled out, as explained in this blog post.

You Can Still Work

If you really find yourself itching to work while traveling, you most certainly can do so. Some working holiday visa arrangements include travelers up to 35 years old. In other countries, you’ll be able to volunteer instead, or find odd jobs here and there.

It Could Be Your Last Hurrah

Of course, life doesn’t stop after your 30s. But you will start thinking about settling down. You might want to have kids soon and buy a house, which means a mortgage to pay. You’ll make commitments in the next few years and start putting down roots, making it very hard travel for 12 months or more. Do it while you can now.

Travel in your 30s allows you the freedom to do what you want, and opportunities unavailable to you at other points in life. Take advantage of this unique time in your life; see everything this world has to offer. Use TripValet’s travel portal to save hundreds of dollars on your adventures around the world. Becoming a member is easy, and grants you access to everything you need to start crossing off items on your bucket list. You can see everything TripValet has to offer, plus the amazing discounts you’ll score when you become a member for FREE at