Traveling Might Help Shape your Dream Career

In a recent interview with Forbes, professor, playwright, actress and world traveler Amy Mihyang Ginther talks about the influence traveling has on both her personal life and career. Traveling the world, living in new places, making new connections and meeting new people give Mihyang the confidence to chase her dreams. It teaches her how to view the world with new perspectives and even how to look at her own life in new ways. Traveling gives direction to Mihyang, especially at times when she feels directionless. It always leads her back to the theater, where she now has a new show opening up Off-Broadway soon.

Here are five lessons Mihyang learned through living internationally and how she was able to shape her own career through her travels:

1. Share your intentions with others.

Sharing what you intend to do in your life helps keep you accountable for making things actually happen. By talking with others, you develop your ideas and plans. People are ready and willing to support you. You’d probably be amazed by the generosity and wealth of resources others will provide in supporting you. Just let your intentions be known. 

2. Actively seek out information and resources.

When traveling, someone else has already gone wherever you’re going and will have some advice for you. Seek out online communities for more information on where you’re going. Additionally, look for travel and entrepreneurial websites, blogs and online news outlets. Through these resources, you can begin gaining contacts and begin networking in new places as well. Knowing the right person in the right place just might come in handy in the future. A large network of connections around the world is never bad.

3. Network with a generous mindset.

When meeting and networking with people initially, focus on what you can do for others. In the beginning, networking is not about what others can do for you, but rather what you can offer them. Identify and articulate ways you can be helpful to others. Others will respond in kind, in ways you probably can’t imagine currently.

4. Break down actions into steps.

Whether you’re planning to move abroad, take on a new job or start a new business, making big moves in your life is overwhelming and abstract. However, when you break down major life goals into smaller, attainable steps, you accomplish more and take bigger risks. Stepping out of the bigger picture and focusing on the logistics of making it happen leads to action.


5. Make bold requests often.

When you refrain from asking someone for help, you don’t give them the chance to help you. They never have the opportunity to make a choice, you’ve just decided for them. Trust that people will let you know if something is possible. You’ll be surprised to find the answer is often yes, or if it’s a no, there’s a new suggestion to open up new possibilities.

To read Mihyang’s full interview with Forbes about how traveling has influenced her new play, click here.

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