3 Things You MUST Bring With You on Vacation

Packing for vacation is stressful, especially when it’s your first time visiting that particular place. How do you know what to pack? What if you forget something important? Calm down and take a deep breath. Unless you forget to pack clothes, you can generally grab anything you need when you get to your destination (although it probably comes with a bigger price tag!). With that in mind, absolutely pack the following three things in your suitcase and mark them as essentials:

1. Outlet Adapter

Outlet adapters are crucial for traveling, especially when going abroad. You do NOT want to be stuck in a different country with a dead cell phone, or have to meet a strict work deadline with a dead laptop with no way to plug in a charger. Purchasing one in an airport or while abroad is 1) a pain and 2) more expensive than getting one beforehand and bringing it with you. Be prepared in any country and any situation you find yourself in with one of these beauties! It makes your travels much easier. Stress less knowing you’re prepared no matter where your travels take you.

2. Portable Charger

This is one of those items you don’t know you need until you buy one and realize your life just got 1,000,000 times easier. No more scrambling to find a charger and an outlet when your phone is dying. No more hoping your phone lasts long enough to catch those stunning pictures you waited the entire trip to capture. If you’re traveling with friends, it comes in handy for them, too. Invest in a portable charger and cut down on a lot of travel stress, since you use your phone for almost everything. You can thank us later for the tip!

3. Toiletries

Maybe you’re thinking: I can buy that stuff when I get there! Yes, but it’s a bit of a pain to buy everything when traveling. When arriving at your destination, you don’t want your first stop to be a store to pick up these essentials. You want your vacation to start ASAP! Plus, hotel shampoos, soaps and conditioners generally don’t cut it. Bring enough for the time you’ll be on vacation; you don’t need extra. After all, if you run out of something, just snag some at the store really quick. When you’re ready to leave, you have extra room in your bag for the souvenirs you bought because you just discarded those used-up bottles!

The biggest thing when packing for vacation is not to overpack – you need a lot less than you think you do. Make a pile of items to bring, then cut that pile in half to get a more accurate vision of what you’re packing.

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